Looking Back

Charlie and I are presently waiting for the end of our work life and the beginning of our new adventure. That means that I don’t have much to share with you on  The Ramblin’ Rose! Once we start our travels, I will be blogging whenever internet access allows, but for now I have decided to “look back” at last summer’s trip and share some of it with you. This will give me practice at managing my newly emerging blogging skills.

Last summer we took the View on a four week long trip, the longest trip we have ever taken. We wanted to see how well two adults and an energetic Airedale Terrier would fare in the close confines of our Skinnie Winnie. I can tell you right now, the trip was fabulous and we really wished we did not have to turn towards home because “work was calling” us.ImageWe began our trip on July 13, 2012 and traveled to upstate New York, making a stop to see two of my nephews Matt and Aaron, and my soon-to-be niece-in-law Alicia. We camped at a nicely wooded campground in Akron, New York after having driven 7 hours. Our goal was to arrive at Mackinac Mill Campground in Michigan by July 15th, which meant we were 9 hours away from our destination. In our younger days that would have meant a one-day drive. Not anymore! We have settled into a routine of driving no more than 300 or so miles a day on most days. Saturday, July 14th we chilled at the campground having breakfast and coffee. We did not break camp until close to 10:00am, which is rather unheard of for us.

I was navigating, mostly by use of our GPS, and managed to route us through Customs much sooner than planned! We entered Ontario near Niagara Falls and then drove through Ontario to Michigan at Fort Huron. Although we had not planned on our Canadian detour, it worked out perfectly, and we found a campsite at the KOA in New Haven, Michigan by 3pm.  It was hot and humid, but we still took Woolly Bear for a long hike to stretch our legs and to reward him for his excellent travel behavior.

Sunday, July 15th we headed toward Mackinack Mill Creek Campground at 9:30am. It was another late start! We arrived at our camp site, S 176, by 4 pm.  We were directly across from the sandy beach and lake. Below is a photo of the sunrise the next morning.

View from Mackinac Mill Campground campsite.

View from Mackinac Mill Campground campsite.

8 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Lizzy

    Sara, Charlie and WB…now the only thing calling you is……………..THE OPEN ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ramblin' Rose

    Wendy, your travel blog was my inspiration for creating this blog. I loved being able to check on your whereabouts and doings on your 6 week trek last Fall.


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