Looking back: Minnesota and North Dakota

Our campsite at Iron Lake.

Our campsite at Iron Lake.

The morning of July 18th, which was Day 6 of our vacation, we woke at our campsite on Iron Lake and watched a Bald Eagle soaring above the lake while we had breakfast and our coffee. We broke camp at 8:00 a.m. (central time) and entered Minnesota an hour later via the Bong Bridge (?). We laughed at the bridge’s name, but found it to be a very picturesque, s-curve bridge. No pictures, though.

We made a short stop at Cabela’s for binoculars, as Charlie had forgotten to bring his, then drove until 5 pm, when we stopped at Woodland Resort, Devil Lake in North Dakota.$ 31.00 for a site with electricity and shade, but no view of the lake. We were too tired of driving to care much, and WB definitely wanted out of the camper!!!

Day 7 we woke early and the View was headed down the road before 7:15 a.m. heading for Saskatchewan Province. We entered Canada at noon time, and easily went through Customs. We headed northwest on Route 39, and stayed in Regina at a rather unattractive campground as it was the only game in town.  It was sort of like a parking lot, but was clean and quiet for the night.

Making Hay in Saskatechewan

Making Hay in Saskatchewan

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