Busy day!

Today was a busy day! It was my first day off of work, so one would think I might be able to sleep a bit later than usual and linger over my morning coffee. Not at all the way the day began.

At 4:30 a.m. I made coffee and continued preparations for our trip. Binoculars, cameras, electronics were carefully packed. One last trip to the grocery store, cold stuff brought from house to camper’s fridge. More coffee! This ” not working” business isn’t quite as relaxed as I thought it might be.

By mid morning we were ready to stop by the farm and say goodbye to my parents, then head North to Vermont.

We are stopping in Vermont to check on a curtain drain problem at what used to be my Grandfather’s Camp. We now have the “Camp” and keep my grandparents spirit alive in all we do.

Arrived in Vt at the camp near 3:30, it was 82 degrees, and we had a heck of a time leveling the camper so that the. Refrigeration would work properly. Now cooking dinner and planning on some quality star gazing!

3 thoughts on “Busy day!

  1. Shannon

    Mom, you left out the part about your daughter showing up at your house at 6:15am to say goodbye with tears in her eyes. I have decided they were tears of joy, and tears of jealously (of course getting 2 hrs of sleep didn’t help). I am so happy and excited for you and Pa to venture out on another journey across the continent with Woolly Bear! I am jealous because I can’t come with you 😦 I can’t wait to hear about all of the adventures you with have!!

    1. Ramblin' Rose Post author

      You never liked being left out of adventures as a little kid, and I guess you haven’t changed much. Don’t worry, you and Dave will have your own adventures!

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  2. Liz

    …I can only imagine the relaxing feeling quickly becoming a reality as you begin embracing and experiencing each new day!


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