Rose Blanche Lighthouse


Woolly Bear and I take a break on the path to the lighthouse.

Woolly Bear and I take a break on the path to the lighthouse.

We toured the lighthouse and were surprised to see an article posted that was written by a George Rose, in addition, the woodworking was completed by an Alvin Rose. It seems my maiden name is more popular than one would think! After our lighthouse tour we stopped at a great little restaurant and had chowder and codfish cakes quite similar to the one’s my Grandmother Rose made. Overall, a wonderful day!

We spent two days at Barachois Lake Provincial Park. Our campsite was on the lake, and we had the beach to ourselves! Charlie watched a mother loon and her little one. It reminded us of our Boundary Water canoe trip, watching the loons on Ima Lake.

Barachois Lake Provincial Park.

Barachois Lake Provincial Park.

We leave tomorrow for Nova Scotia, and then head North again.

5 thoughts on “Rose Blanche Lighthouse

  1. Mary Tyrrell

    Oh, my,  are we having fun yet. Hope the rest of the trip goes a little more smoothly. I told you the ankle needed more cold beer bottles. Looks like you use the right amount of Dr. for the cut though. Great posts Sara. Keep them coming along with the photos. Bear says hi to WB.

  2. Liz

    Sounds like your latest adventure in Rose Blanche Lighthouse has given you wonderful and interesting pieces of “Rose” history! Not to mention you had some well deserved tranquil and peaceful days!

  3. Maria

    WOW!!! Sara what a great adventure…You can be in the National Geographic’s Magazine with your pictures. This is a vacation of a life time. Enjoy!!!


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