Newfoundland to Kouchibougnuac NP

Woolly Bear

Woolly Bear

Woolly Bear has been having a really tough time of it this trip. He had just recovered from Lyme Disease when we began our travel, then ended up with an allergic reaction to something, possibly the new food we gave him. We decided to take him to the vet in Cape Breton the day after we took the ferry back from Newfoundland. The vet was wonderful and prescribed antibiotics for his eyes, and a cortisone cream for his itchy skin. It took several days, but his eyes are much better and his itching seems to have stopped.

The ferry back to North Sydney was uneventful, and we managed to be first in line to disembark! Charlie and I both want to return to Newfoundland for a longer period of time, perhaps 3 or 4 weeks so that we can see the east side and the north peninsula early enough in the season to catch the icebergs floating by. They were gone by mid August, as were the whales! And the Puffins were located to the east, also. We thoroughly enjoyed the west coast and Gros Morne NP and the four provincial parks we visited during our stay.

After spending the night camped in North Sydney, we headed north to Kouchibouguac (pronounced Koo-she-boo- swack, according to the visitor center)National Park, where we camped for several days in a large, wooded site with plenty of room for our screen house. The site was adjacent to the Kouchibougnuac River, and we wished we had brought our canoe and bicycles as that is the best way to see this beautiful wilderness park.  The only downside was that the mosquitoes seemed to be turbo charged, flying in high winds,  and swarmed around the outside of the camper waiting for us to open the door!  We had to make a decision about whether to continue north to the Gaspe Peninsula or to turn around and head home so that Charlie’s ankle could heal and WB would be closer to his own vet.  Upon researching things, we found that 2 of the 3 campgrounds in Forillon NP on the Gaspe Peninsula close down on September 2nd! In addition, the swamp maples are already turning a pretty red in northern New Brunswick, and we have had more than one 45 degree morning. It appears that the Canadian camping season is coming to an end.  We decided to head home, and are currently on our way south, stopping for a day in Freeport, Maine; then heading over to Vermont for the Labor Day weekend. We are already planning our next adventure, once the “boys” are on the mend!


4 thoughts on “Newfoundland to Kouchibougnuac NP

  1. Kristen Hart

    Hi Sara. Glad to hear you are getting the boys rested. Shannon keeps me updated. Looks like a beautiful trip. We are also in vt for the Labor Day weekend too. Keep well. Seems like that is easier said than done, lol! Kristen

  2. Ed

    Hi Sara – been trying to follow your adventures. Too bad about WB and his skin problems. I can sympathize with that. We spent a week in Maine on Penobscot Bay (love the ocean) and a lot of weekends in the Adirondecks at Chis’ parents camp. You and WB look great in the pictures. Let’s get together this all when you are in Vt. Life is seriously too short. Hope things re well with Charlie.
    Look forward to seeing everyone.



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