Ready to Ramble!

A Snowy Owl at Hammonassett State Park last week.

A Snowy Owl at Hammonassett State Park last week.

Charlie and I have been busy readying the camper for our big adventure! We plan to leave for North Carolina in a few weeks, and are really, really hoping the weather cooperates! Today we awakened to 1 degree temperatures, it has warmed up considerably and is now a breezy 8 degrees in central Vermont. Enough of the aside, though, back to our preparations!

We are planning to be on the road for an extended period of time and have had to make some changes in the way we do things to accommodate this extended trip. One big challenge is the mail! We have decide to do away with our mailbox and have gotten a postal box so that our daughter can monitor any bills that are not electronic. I have converted most mail to electronic, but some bills, like snow plowing or heating oil are still old fashioned snail mail.

We will cancel our cable service for the duration, but will continue our phone service.  We are trying to grocery shop carefully, so that our freezer will be empty in two weeks time. I want to clean the fridge and unplug it before we leave. We will also disconnect anything in the house that might draw power while we are gone ( microwave, television, clocks).  Running away for a few months is a bit more complicated than I first thought!

As for the camper, we are disappointed that the bike rack we ordered from Thule will not work with the back slide out. We sent the bike rack back, and will leave the bikes at home and take the utility tray instead. That will give us a bit more storage for the DEF that our diesel requires and the big bag of dog food Woolly Bear is insisting we bring! It also will come in handy for muddy hiking boots and hauling firewood. We figure that we wouldn’t bike much anyway, as Woolly Bear would be alone in the camper and at some point in Florida, or Mississippi or Louisiana or Texas it must be warmer!!!

Seals basking in the sun at Hammonassett State Park

Seals basking in the sun at Hammonassett State Park

Thanks for dropping by and reading about our preparations!

3 thoughts on “Ready to Ramble!

  1. Pam Hynes

    Wow, your trip sounds like it is going to be great! Wish I could be doing the same thing! Maybe one of these days. Hope you have a wonderful adventure and will be looking forward to seeing any posts that you make along the way. Safe and Happy Travels!

  2. Ramblin' Rose

    Thanks Pam! I don’t have any grandchildren yet, so it is a good time to wander. We cook all of our meals and the camper averages 16 to 18 mpg, so it is an affordable way to see the country.

  3. Liz

    You newest ‘ramble’ adventure sounds amazing! Have a wonderful safe trip and I look forward to your pictures and posts!


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