From Georgia to Grayton Beach State a Park, Florida!

Charlie trying out Chuck's motor scooter in North Carolina

Charlie trying out Chuck’s motor scooter in North Carolina

The picture above is from North Carolina, Charlie was trying out Chuck’s motor scooter, better known in North Carolina as a liquor cycle! I think he may be purchasing a new toy upon our return, thanks, Chuckie:)

This morning we awoke to a beautiful Georgia day! FD Roosevelt State Park reminds me of Acadia NP in Maine, lots of stonework and character. The campsites are wooded and spacious, many sitting right on Lake Delanor. The park is unique with a pool, named Liberty Bell Pool, which was built by the CCC in the 1930’s. It is contained in a stone work enclosure. One can hike to the pool from the campground on a 1.8 mile nature trail.

We would have liked another day at this lovely park, but have reservations at Grayton Beach this afternoon. We will plan to return to FD Roosevelt State Park another day!

We drove through Alabama and are camped at Grayton Beach State Park on a lakeside campsite. Pictures tomorrow, as we are currently sitting out torrential rain and lingering thunderstorms!  We love the campsite, and will look forward to taking pictures of it when the rain stops. Until then, here is a picture of a grebe that swam near the campsites yesterday.

Campside Grebe  in Georgia.

Campside Grebe in Georgia.

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