San Angelo State Park, Texas continued

Buffalo at San Angelo state Park

Buffalo at San Angelo State Park

San Angelo State Park has much to offer. It is home to the official Texas longhorn herd, has a small buffalo herd, prairie dog towns in both the South and the North Units, lots of deer,and plenty of raccoons. There are nature programs each day on a different topic(birding, petroglyphs, wildlife viewing, etc), as well as lots of mountain biking trails. They even have a section for equestrians to camp with their horses! Woolly Bear really wanted us to camp in the horse area, but that did not happen.

Love this ride!

Love this ride!

The only downside is that the Reservoir the park curls around is dry! The boat ramp goes into an empty bowl, and from the looks of the vegetation it appears to have been dry for a few years. We didn’t have time to find out why, but I suggest checking before you bring your canoe or fishing poles.

We took the opportunity to tour National Historic Landmark Fort Concho, located in the historic center of San Angelo. This fort was in operation from 1867-1889, built to protect the frontier settlements, and to patrol and map the vast West Texas region, as well as deal with hostile threats. It is a National Historic Landmark, and originally consisted of 40 buildings and covered 1600 acres. We spent time looking at the weaponry displays and uniforms, and toured the Barracks, stable, headquarters, hospital, and officers quarters. Additionally an antique telephone display was present, even though telephones were not present at any time during the Fort was active.

Fort Conco, San Angelo Texas

Fort Conco, San Angelo Texas

Medicinal supplies

Medicinal supplies

Hospital complete with mosquito nets

Hospital complete with mosquito nets

We will be traveling to Big Bend NP for the next week and do not expect cell service or wifi. Therefore Posts may be delayed.


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