Drive from Zion to Bryce Canyon

One mile long tunnel through the rock

One mile long tunnel through the rock


We left Zion and travelled the length of Zion National Park on Route 89. Because our sprinter van/camper is 10’6″ tall we had to pay the park service a $15 fee for an escort through the tunnel, which is a mile long and 13’4″ but arched so that one needs to drive down the middle line. As it turned out, the park service had one way traffic only, so we were told to tag along with a group of cars exempt from the $15 fee. Oh well.


The views of the east side of Zion were breath taking, and we were fortunate enough to see a big horn sheep along the way.

WB checks out the scenery

WB checks out the scenery

Red Rock Canyon

Red  Canyon

Son we turned on to Utah’s Scenic Route 12 and traveled through the Red Canyon. While Charlie’s pictures are quite nice, they hardly do justice to this magnificent area! It is simply beautiful.



On the road again!

On the road again!

6 thoughts on “Drive from Zion to Bryce Canyon

  1. Liz

    Absolutely phenomenal! Stunning! I wonder what WB was thinking as you two were checking out the magnificent scenery?????!?!?!?!!! Love your descriptions and sweet stories! Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Ramblin' Rose Post author

      Thanks, Liz. WB remains a mystery to me. He hops up and looks out every time we do, with great enthusiasm. But I also wonder what he is thinking and looking at.

      Sent from my iPad


  2. Pam

    Brings back memories of how beautiful I remember it being! I just had to laugh as I wondered what you and WB were talking about.


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