Oregon Coast, Washington and Life Interfering!

P1070113We drove along the Oregon Coast and camped for several days at Tillicum Beach Campground, a National Forest Service Camping facility.  It had to be one of the best campsites we have ever had! And the best was that we had the beach to ourselves for the first two days, then the weather warmed and the campers filled the place.

Tillicum Beach Campground

Tillicum Beach Campground

View from the camper

View from the camper

My sister Wendy had camped here last year, and had told us about it, Otherwise we would have ended up at one of the nearby state parks. We were at site 29, and it was wonderful for the first two days. Then a lonely neighbor moved to the site adjacent to us and decided to join us on the beach, at our campfire, and anywhere else we went! While I understand that he was lonely and looking for company, I selfishly wanted the beach and my two guys all to myself!

Sea Lion in Oregon

Sea Lion in Oregon

We drove to Portland for a Freightliner service appt and to purchase new sneakers for the bus. An entire day was devoted to these  ” going to Alaska” preparations. Oregon is dog friendly and, to my surprise, Woolly Bear was allowed in both the Freightliner and the Tire waiting rooms. I somehow do not think that would be allowed in Connecticut.

We drove up Route 5 to Washington State after our brakes were checked, oil changed, and sneakers installed. It was at a small county campground that disaster struck.

Woolly Bear snuck under my arms and out the camper door while I was bringing in his dog bed. He has been on a leash since the start, and has a wild dog spirit. He smiled and began to run his crazy eight, butt tuck zooms that he so loves to run. We were laughing at his delight when we saw him leap a gully, yelp in pain, and fall to the ground. He has hurt his left hind leg badly. A trip to the Ocean Shore Vet Hospital and an early May 2nd sedation and X-ray led the Vet to believe it is either a hurt ACL or an injured Meniscus. The Vet encouraged us to return to Ct and get him consistent medical care, probably surgery, to fix the problem. So, even though we were on the edge of our Alaskan Road Trip, we pointed the bus toward the East on Saturday morning. We will be home in Connecticut Wednesday, despite nasty crosswinds. Our goal is to have Woolly Bear healed, and then we will ramble on to Alaska as planned.P1070247

By the way, northern Idaho is beautiful! We didn’t have time to investigate as we need WB home as soon as possible, but we have put Idaho on our ” must return to” list.

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9 thoughts on “Oregon Coast, Washington and Life Interfering!

  1. Kristen Hart

    Wow ! Amazing pictures. Hope WB is feeling better. Guess you will all be able to get a break from the traveling. We are all looking forward to seeing you.
    Kristen 😄

  2. Roseann-NBIS

    So sorry to hear about WB. Hope he is better soon. Please stop by when you get back to visit.

  3. Liz

    Ooooo mmmmyyy! So sorry to hear of WB’s mis-hap!!! I am sending special get well wishes to him! But…selfishly…it will be wonderful to have you in CT for a while!

  4. Celeste

    Oh, so sorry to hear about WB’s accident! Life is always throwing us curves, eh? Hope his surgery and recovery goes smoothly and that all three of you are soon back out “on the road”.

  5. Rocky Kopylec

    Wow! I’m a little behind on my email and updates due to being back at work. Sorry to hear that you had to make a 6000 mile detour, poor WB hope he is going to be alright. I am glad that the Freightliner dealership helped you out. I teach the FL Tech program for Grad Students. I would like to share your experiences good or bad with the students and when the dealership contacts us for grads. We have our rig ready to follow your trail, I only wish we could follow you guys up and into Alaska. Hope to talk someday. Keep rolling Charlie, Sara and WB!


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