Our Great Alaskan Road Trip. Minnesota: Blue Mound State Park

Bison grazing at Blue Mound State Park

Bison grazing at Blue Mound State Park

Charlie and I left Indiana Dunes State Park with the promise of a return visit, and headed the camper West. Our next noteworthy stop was in Minnesota at Blue Mound State Park. The Park is located on the southwest side of the state, six miles north of Route 90  and Luverne. The park entrance is off of U.S. 75.

Blue Mounds State Park contains 1500 acres of prairie grasslands filled with wild flowers, birds and animals. We saw white tailed deer, lots of birds, and the resident herd of 60 bison. Coyotes also are reported to live in the park, but we did not run into any on our hikes.image

There are miles of hiking and biking trails to take you along the quartzite cliiffs. The trails are actually mowed into the prairie grass and look like a path of manicured lawn meandering around the creek bed. There is a wildlife viewing platform with high powered scopes for watching the bison from a safe distance.

Our campsite was $28 for electric, and considering it was the start of the Memorial Day weekend, we were grateful to get it without having made reservations. The campsites you might want to reserve have a view of  (28, 29, 30, 31, 32e) the river in the B loop, but all sites were spacious and very well maintained. We definitely would have stayed another night, but all sites were reserved for the weekend. The lady acting as Campground Host was very friendly and helpful and even invited us to sit by her campfire. Most of the campers were from Minnesota and staying for the holiday weekend.

Site 24, Blue Mound State Park

Site 24, Blue Mound State Park

7 thoughts on “Our Great Alaskan Road Trip. Minnesota: Blue Mound State Park

  1. Mary Tyrrell

    Hi Sara & Charlie & WoollyBear, sounds like you are off to a good start(except for the broken part!)-and the pictures are amazing-would love to be on the warm beach!!It was 34 here this morning-27 in Rochester and 20’s at Mt.Washington with snow!!!!! But it’s supposed to get into the 80’s tomorrow through Wed.-one can only hope!!NOT Fred though-he’s yakking about putting the AC in the window and I hate it because he keeps it at 68!!!!!only good thing?If it is 80 outside,I can go out to get warm!!! I do not like being cold all year long-either due to winter or Fred!!oh well— enjoy and keep sending the blogs!!Hugs to all,Mary


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