Our Great Alaskan Road Trip: The Black Hills of South Dakota

Bison at Custer SP

Bison at Custer SP

We left the Badlands and drove to Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This state park is a “must visit”!!! It is set between Wind Cave National Park and Mt Rushmore, but rivals those two as a phenomenal destination in itself.

We camped at Blue Bell Campground at site 22E. It is a spacious, wooded site that lies adjacent to the tenting area and backs up to the woods. The only small downside to it is the difficulty we had trying to get the camper level. We finally decided it was close enough and that as long as our refrigerator worked we weren’t going to fuss with it anymore.

The camp hosts are a delightful couple who go out of their way to be kind and helpful to incoming campers. They showed us where to fill our water tank prior to setting up, as each site has electric, but no water at it. After we set up camp we hopped in the Jeep to traverse the Wildlife Loop. We saw BigHorn Sheep, hundreds of Bison, mountain goats, pronghorns, deer, and lots of Mountain Bluebirds. Charlie was in his glory, taking hundreds of bison pictures. At one point we were surrounded on the road by about 50 bison, several way too close to the car for my comfort! Woolly Bear was well behaved, and only whined at the critters instead of barking loudly.

Too close to the Jeep for comfort!

Too close to the Jeep for comfort!

The second day we drove the Needles Highway through interesting rock formations. We planned on hiking in the Sylvan Lake area, and brought a picnic lunch. Just as we exited the second tunnel the skies opened up and rain and hail hit the windshield. The thunderstorm lasted until we had returned to our camp, and we decided to do the hike the following day. Once again we drove the wildlife loop, and then we headed to Wind Cave National Park, which is adjacent to Custer SP. this National Park offers hiking both above the ground and on guided tours through the cave.

We are spending 5 days in the Black Hills and my next post will show some of the amazing scenery on the Needles Highway!

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

Pronghorn at Custer SP

Pronghorn at Custer SP

5 thoughts on “Our Great Alaskan Road Trip: The Black Hills of South Dakota

  1. Celeste

    Don & I enjoyed this great state park on a recent visit to South Dakota. Although we didn’t camp at the park, we had a great time doing the park’s “Geocache challenge”. It got us to some unique spots in the park…am really enjoying your postings.

  2. Kristen

    Looks beautiful and relaxing! Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Remember all of us administrators at this crazy time of the year lol! Bet you are not missing that!


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