Our Great Alaskan Road Trip: Jasper National Park

Bear on side of Columbian Icefield Parkway

Bear on side of Columbian Icefield Parkway

We left Banff and headed North along the Columbian Icefield highway. This is one of the most scenic drives we have experienced! Mountains, glaciers, snow, and wild animals all in the same place. The Winnebago managed to tow the car easily up the hills and into Jasper National Park.  Charlie captured this close up of a bear on the parkway. The bear continued to graze while at least five photographers were snapping away. I had my hands full containing Woolly Bear!

Elk resting at our campsite!

Elk resting at our campsite

We camped at Whistler’s Campground within Jasper National Park, at site 29 E. This site was spacious, private, and wooded but did not have electricity or water. That was fine, we would much rather have the space and privacy, and we tried out our new solar suitcase to keep the batteries charged! Generators are allowed for an hour and a half in the morning, and two hours in the evening, but we dislike hearing our generator run, so use it sparingly. Our hope is that the solar suitcase will provide enough charge to the batteries when we camp off the grid.

The second day at Jasper Charlie was taking pictures of a unique camping set up across the loop from us (a school bus with wood stove!!!) when he came face to face with a Black Bear! The  bear turned and vanished into the woods just as Charlie tried to take a picture of him. He did get pictures of the bus. We would love to know the story behind the bus RV, but the fellow moved on before we had the chance to talk to him.

We spent time visiting Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon,  accidentally crashed a wedding at Pyramid Lake on the island there, and drove to Athabascar Waterfall.  We really wanted to drive up Edith Cavell Mountain, but the road was still closed from winter. And speaking of winter, we had snow mixed with rain our second day there. It rained off and on the three days we camped there, and the rain followed us into Hinton, and up to Dawson Creek and the beginning of the Alaskan Highway! We are currently camped at mile 300 of the Alaskan Highway in British Columbia, heading into Yukon Territory tomorrow,  and will be writing about this next segment of our trip as soon as I have suitable internet!

Woolly Bear checking out the glacial lake at Jasper

Woolly Bear checking out the glacial lake at Jasper

2 thoughts on “Our Great Alaskan Road Trip: Jasper National Park

  1. Susie

    Looks like you’re having a great trip. Not sure I would like confronting a black bear, but at least he wasn’t alarmed by Charlie (cousin?) haha. Scenery is breathtaking!! I feel like I’m there with you. Keep us posted :))

    1. Ramblin' Rose Post author

      Thanks for following along! We have been out of wifi/ cell for past few days as we drove the AlCan! We are now camped in Tok, Alaska. Will write a post on the Alaskan Highway in the next day or so.


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