The Alaskan Highway!

We made it!!!

We made it!!!

imageWe have been without sufficient wifi to load pictures  until today, so I will catch up on our blogging! We headed North from Hinton on June 15th, traveling through Grand Prarie, into British Columbia, and stopping for the night in Dawson Creek. The Alaskan Highway begins in Dawson Creek, and w e planned on driving it in sections of 300 miles. Day 2 we made it to Fort Nelson, and ended up camped at a RV Park next to a museum. Lots of old US Army stuff from the WW2 construction of the highway! Day 3 we drove through Stone Mtn Provincial Park and camped at Muncho Lake Provincial Park, only  a 150 miles down the road! Muncho Lake was just too pretty to drive by without stopping, and we were all glad for the respite from the road. We camped right on the lake and watched Bald Eagles fishing.

Day 4 it was back to logging miles, but our journey was sprinkled with bear sightings! We saw at least 6 bears along the way, and Charlie got some good pictures. We also saw lots of buffalo.

Two young bears on the side of the Alaskan Highway.

Two young bears on the side of the Alaskan Highway. We stopped at the Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake, but didn’t have a sign to add. Ended up camped in Yukon Territory for the night, then had really rough road conditions on Friday and Saturday. After Whitehorse the road was filled with frost heaves, broken pavement, or no pavement. We could only drive 10 mph  on the gravel sections due to the wash board bumps, and flying gravel was a constant concern from passing trucks. We ended up with the Jeep coated with dust, we even put a baggy over the air intake to keep the dust out! We had read about the road conditions, but until we drove the Alaskan Highway, we did not fully appreciate how bad the conditions could be! We stopped 50 miles south of the Alaskan Border and camped at the Yukon/ White River RV Park. The owners collect old US Army vehicles, old boat motors and tools, and all sorts of other interesting stuff. We enjoyed walking around looking at the collection.


imageWe drove across the Border into Alaska without any problems with Customs, and continued 90 miles into Tok, Alaska. We arrived at the Yukon RV Park at 11:00 a.m. and decided to stop driving and check out our first Alaskan town. It was a good thing that we stopped, because the Jeep had a flat tire from a rock cut from the gravel! We were fortunate to be camped near Northern Energy, where a very competent technician looked at the tire ano showed us it was not repairable. He had difficulty locating a replacement tire, and we had to wait until Monday for the new tire to arrive at Tok!

We we were very fortunate that we noticed the tire in time to prevent the rim from being damaged!

11 thoughts on “The Alaskan Highway!

  1. Pam

    Sounds like quite the adventure! Not being able to get parts is the biggest downfall of doing this trip. Too many bears for my liking. We were watching a show last week that gave the population of bears in Alaska and it was extremely high. Enjoy, as I know you are!

  2. Ed Gomeau

    Unbelievable pictures and scenery Sara. Congratulations on making it to the last great frontier.


  3. Bonnie

    Wow! Unbelievable that the “highway” has sections with no pavement. A true adventure. I didn’t know that the black bears and the brown bears hung out together. Maybe we can learn from them… Love the posts! Keep ’em coming!

  4. Chuck

    glad I didn’t stow away with the bikes. Michael said you haven’t been on the Alaskan hwy. until you get a broken windshield. I hope he is wrong. Great pics. keep going north.

  5. Bertha Rifkin

    So good to see that sign behind you! What a journey this has been for all of you.
    I recall looking down at the Alaskan Highway from the plane in 1951 on my way to Manila. Was just a roadway in the wilderness. Maybe still is!?

    I like Charlie’s bears and other 4 legged critters.

  6. Susie

    Congratulations! You made it! Sounds like you’re having a great adventure and pictures are great. Can’t wait to hear more. Stay safe (keep Charlie away from the bears)!!

  7. Liz

    TAAAA DAAAA! You did it! GREAT! Quite the adventure getting there! Your photos are absolutely mind-blowing and majestic! Looking forward to your next post !!!
    Stay happy and well!

  8. Mary Tyrrell

    Hi Guys, getting worried-Fred tried to call back last night after Charlie’s “call for help getting out of Alaska”??-left a message on cell-Now today,has tried 3 times=first 2 times message said”can’t complete call as dialed” and last time said “number is no longer in service” and then we just saw on Bing about all of the wildfires that erupted over the week-are you guys ok???????will keep trying to call-Mary & Fred

    1. Shannon

      Hi Freddie and Mary!!
      My parents are fine! I have been texting with my mom. Unfortunately, my parents had to turn there RV around and had left Alaska 2 days ago from where they were. You are right, there are a TON of fires!! 200-300 wild fires. My parents are on there way back to Glacier National Park in Montana BUT they have to go through the Yukon first. There is NO cell service and won’t be for a few days. Their phones are turned off to keep batteries ok because they go days without electricity and cell service so there is no point keeping on. Thank you for caring so much for my parents. When I talked to them last Pa said he was going to tell Freddie he was going to head back! Don’t be surprised if no word for up to a week or more on the blog as when they get some service they don’t have enough for cell or wifi but sometimes they are able to send a one way text. They had to leave because the fires were in the way and didn’t want to risk it. Thanks again!!! Shannon


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