Glacier National Park

After two days camped at Teddy Roosevelt NP, we aimed the camper North to Montana. What should have been an 8 our day turned into a 13 hour trek, but ended with awesome views of Glacier!!!!IMG_0988.JPG

The Going To The Sun Road is still under snow removal, but we managed to see 7 Grizzly bears in the open 12 miles from St Mary’s.


in addition, we spent our second day there at Two Medicine Campground and picnic area, one of my favorite places on earth!!! The wildflowers were the best I have seen, Bear Grass, lupine, columbine, etc flooding the ground. IMG_1030.JPG


The  weather has been cooperative and we are now heading for Banff National Park.

We saw 7 Grizzly bears at St Mary’s and Chas has the photos, but I can’t access them yet! Will post the bears later:)!

5 thoughts on “Glacier National Park

  1. Pam Hynes

    Sounds like you are having a great adventure! Wish I could be doing the same. Hope your trip is full of good times with no hitches! Can’t wait for all the incredible photo’s that I know you will share.

  2. Liz

    AMAZING!! Your pictures are phenomenal…right out of National Geographic!! I can only imagine what it looks like in person… looking forward to your next post!!! Enjoy!!


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