Saskatoon Island Provincial Park and Charlie Lake Provincial Park

IMG_1071We camped at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, a designated bird sanctuary for Trumpeter Swans and other migrating water fowl.

The campground was one of the nicest we have ever stayed at, large private wooded sites without another tent or camper in sight! Many walking trails to the water and several viewing platforms.IMG_1068The next day we drove to Charlie Lake Provincial Park, named after the 12 Soldiers who drown while transporting materials on their pontoon boat, for the Alaskan Highway,  in 1941. There is a statue   dedicated to the U.S. Army and the fallen at the lake.

My most challenging moment thus far was when a little blonde, blue eyed child, not more than 3 years old, pushed her doll carriage into our wooded secluded spot yesterday afternoon. She was very confused and had lost her way. Fortunately Charlie and I had walked the entire camping unit earlier, and I had a good idea where she belonged. She fearlessly walked back the half mile, through moose and grizzly country, until her Aunt came running toward us and I returned her to her father. It was a very scary situation for the little girl until we located her people! I really wanted to keep her!

And here is a picture of my very dirty Jeep!!!!IMG_1067

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