Liard Hot Springs and the Alaskan Highway

IMG_0429We left Charlie Lake and headed North, stopping at the Fort Nelson Triple G Campground. This is not a great Campground, but is quite good by the standards commercial campgrounds along the AlCan seem to use. It has a bit of space between you and the next site, and has room for a picnic table. We were tired from driving, and really had no other options, so we crashed there.

We find we are much happier in National, State, Provincial, and Forest campgrounds. We prefer the woods, space and solitude to whatever ammenities the commercial cgs offer! We don’t need electricity, wifi, or tv; but we do need the wilderness and the solitude provided by spacious, secluded campsites. Everyone is different, some prefer tv, wifi, and electricity over solitude. No judgement here.

The following day we had reservations at Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park.  It was so much nicer! A large wooded site with room for our screen house and a functional fire pit. The Hot Springs were interesting. There were reports of lots of bears and moose, and 14 types of orchids. We looked, but saw nothing but a river filled with lots of people, soaking in the warm water.  As an introvert, I chose not to join them. But I did hike up to the hanging gardens in search of the orchids.IMG_0428

The day after we drove 400 miles and stopped for the night just below Whitehorse at another undesirable commercial Campground. But it was a banner day, in that we saw 16 bears! 12 were Black Bears, 4 Brown. We also saw Stone Sheep near Muncho Lake Provincial Park, and one moose.IMG_0427

2 thoughts on “Liard Hot Springs and the Alaskan Highway

  1. Buffy

    Hi Sara & Charlie, I’m excited that you have arrived in that great state of Alaska! Have enjoyed blogs and pictures along the way. Thanks!

    You have done well. That’s a heck of a long journey from Connecticut!

    How warm is the water at Liard Hot Springs?

    Looking forward to Denali. Read a little about it. Sounds beautiful and HUGE!

    Stay well and enjoy Alaska!!

    Love, Aunt Muff


    1. Ramblin' Rose Post author

      Thanks, Aunt Muff! We are down on the Kenai Penninsula today, I need to write another blog post and catch you up with our adventure! I am so glad you are enjoying my blog.


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