IMG_1125We reached the Alaskan border the day after camping below Whitehorse. We found the Alaskan Highway in much better shape than it had been two years ago. More pavement, less gravel washboard. In addition, we arrived in Tok without the flat tire that plagued us on our first venture. We camped for two nights at the Tundra RV Park in Tok. A commercial Campground with a laundry facility and spacious sites in the trees. We needed a day to regroup, grocery shop, and do laundry before heading to Anchorage. Woolly Bear was relieved to just hang out in the great outdoors, without riding in the camper for hours on end. And I was glad for the excuse to hang out with my dog. After all, it is Bear country so I couldn’t have him outside by himself!

After our day of rest, laundry and grocery shopping, we headed for Anchorage and camped in the Chugach State Park at Eagle Creek Campground for two days. This campsite was on the river and very pleasant. It was dry camping, meaning no hookups, but potable water was trucked in if you needed to replenish. There were Bear warnings posted, but we saw no bears.

IMG_1146After two days in the Anchorage area we were ready to move to the Kenai Penninsula, famous for wildlife, fishing, and outstanding scenery.



2 thoughts on “Alaska!!!!

  1. Bonnie

    Hi Sara- looking at all these locations on a map. I know nothing about Alaska. Sure doesn’t look like there are many roads! Getting close to Denali! What is your ETA there?

  2. Ramblin' Rose Post author

    We are heading there next! The salmon have come in to the Kenai and the campsites are over flowing with fishermen, no availability for a Saturday night. So we are heading back toward Anchorage, and then Denali. Should be there in a day or two:)!

    And you are right about the roads! We will have covered the majority of major highways in our travels.


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