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Summation of Our Back to Alaska trip


The top ten memories:

  •  Traveling to many national parks and camping in most: Theodore Roosevelt NP in North Dakota, Glacier NP in Montana, Banff, the Icefield Highway, and Jasper NP in British Columbia, Kluane NP in Yukon, Wrangell-St Elia, Fjiord, and Denali NP in Alaska, and Badlands NP in South Dakota!
  • Camping in the Provincial, National Forest, and State Parks: Chugach State Park ,Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, Charlie Lake Provincial Park, Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park, Stone Mountain and Muncho Lake Provincial Parks, Cooper Creek National Forest Campground, Bow Lake Provincial Park, Congdon Creek Yukon Park.
  • The  Kenai Peninsula, beautiful scenery, glaciers, fjiords, and wildlife.
  • Denali, Mt McKinley and Savage River.
  • Spotting 16 bears in one two hour period from Liard Hot Springs to the Yukon border, saw 8 in the same stretch of road on our return trip.
  • Sitting by the campfire every night with Charlie and WB, until the fire ban on our return trip.
  • The Ranch Roadhouse And RV Park on our way to Anchorage. The lady running the roadhouse had a big pot of chili on the stove, and sat with us as we ate lunch, sharing the history of the restored original roadhouse. Not a fancy place, but an authentic, historic and interesting place with great hospitality.
  • Seward and Exit Glacier.
  • KOA campgrounds on the way to Montana and back: consistent quality with pools, dog parks, laundromats, and helpful hosts.
  • Meeting some of the nicest people imaginable: the couple from Germany touring in a truck camper, the couple from South Dakota we met at Denali, and the many Texans and their dogs. Really good people!


    The top ten challenges

  •   Woolly Bear learning to slip his collar at will, and run after me if I was at the laundromat or Campground office! We finally had to put a harness on him to keep him safe.

  • The camper door refusing to open at a crowded gas station at Lake Louise. Charlie finally getting the door to open while the line of cars/ RVs grew behind us. We only have one door on our camper, so we were trapped inside!
  • Driving 100 miles out of our way to try to get a campsite at Two Medicine Lake in Glacier NP, only to find the Campground had filled at 7:30 that morning, and all other Glacier Campgrounds were full!
  • Our Good Sam’s GPS, programmed for our camper height and length, quitting while we were driving through Calgary. The AlCan is tough on all equipment and the USB connection just failed to make contact unless it was constantly manipulated. I see a Garmin in the future.
  • No potable water at most of the provincial parks, forest campgrounds and Yukon parks.
  • The  Kenai Riverside Resort where the RV Park consisted of a gravel parking lot with clothes line nailed to the ground to designate sites. Once a Class C parked next to us and put their slide out WB could not get into our camper! He needs a ramp due to his knee surgeries, and the neighbors slide hit his back. We made it through the night and moved to the much nice Cooper Creek NFS Campground where we had plenty of space in the trees, but no water or electric.
  • Duct tape, cardboard visors, and a canoe strap to hold door shut on the return trip after the latch/ lock system totally failed.
  • The Californian who thought it okay to place his sewer hose on the picnic table!!!
  • Several  campgrounds with posted warnings about aggressive bears.
  • The  big diesel pushers that pull into quiet campgrounds in the evening, and then run their engines for another 30 minutes, totally disturbing the tranquillity. I suppose there must be a reason for this, but they are really loud:)!